…That is one of the world’s great taste experiences… they are just unbelievably tasty.

Nick Nairn
Chef, restaurateur, author & presenter

…they are incomparable.

Jeremy Lee
Chef & food writer

…that’s as good as fish gets.

Neil Oliver
Archaeologist, historian, author & broadcaster

That is just beautiful. It is just perfect.

Kaye Adams
Presenter & columnist

I have never tasted Arbroath Smokie like that in my life. That is just sensational — you’re just in a different realm.

Rosemary Schrager
Chef, teacher, author & presenter

That fish is just fantastic. It doesn’t really get better than that.

Oliver Rowe
Chef, restaurateur & presenter

I am not a fan of the term ‘food hero’… if I was forced to choose one person to bear that burden it would be Iain R. Spink, the guardian of the Arbroath Smokie…

Simon Majumdar
Food writer, author & broadcaster

They were delicious…

Gordon Ramsay
Chef, restaurateur, author & presenter

It has a rich creaminess and moisture, and fresh like that is undoubtedly the best way to eat Smokies.

Martin Wishart
Food writer, author & columnist

…eye-opening, a revelation in taste and texture

Nigel Slater
Cook, food writer, author & presenter

That flavour was just so immense… A delight to eat your food… This man is creating a whole new culinary education.

Gary Rhodes
Chef, restaurateur, author & presenter

The moist warm flesh is divine. It is one of the best fish I have ever tasted.

Sue Lawrence
Food writer, author & columnist

Simply some of the most delicious fish I’ve ever had. Nice one, Iain.

Jamie Oliver
Chef, restaurateur, author & presenter

Arbroath Smokies from Iain R Spink
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Protected Geographical Indication


The Arbroath Smokie has been officially recognised at the highest levels in Europe. It now has official protection through the Protected Geographical Indication, the same status afforded products such as Champagne and Parma Ham. This means the name Arbroath Smokie can only be used to describe haddock, smoked in the traditional manner and within an eight kilometre radius of Arbroath.

The push for protection was inspired by Iain’s father, Bob Spink, who spearheaded the campaign through a two-year process on behalf of the fish processors in Arbroath. This involved defining the methods of production and the area within which Smokies are produced to include the neighbouring village of Auchmithie, where Smokies originated.

A Smokie Success Story

Commenting on the successful campaign, Bob said, “At last, after this lengthy process, we have a major success story to shine a light in the gloom that has been the recent lot of the fish processing industry. This protection is not only significant to the smokie producers but, through this focus, will benefit the whole of Angus, benefiting tourism and undoubtedly impacting favourably upon the local economy from Auchmithie where it all started, to the Arbroath producers small and large. An opportunity has been made for those processors so inclined to expand their business and raise their profile. This recognition from Europe will ensure the quality, tradition, and identity of the Arbroath Smokie, confirming its place as the signature product of Arbroath and one of the prides of Angus.”

A Few Of Our Awards

Award Winner

BBC Radio 4 Food Producer of the Year 2006

Award Winner

Country Living/Sainsbury’s ‘Taste Of Britain’
Gold Award 2007

Award Winner

Country Living/Waitrose ‘Made In Britain’ Award 2007

Award Winner

Great Taste 3 Star Gold Award 2012

Award Winner

UKTV ‘Local Food Hero’ Scottish Regional Winner
& 3rd in UK 2006

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Did You Know?

EC ‘Protected Geographical Status’ means only haddock smoked using traditional methods within a five-mile radius of Arbroath can use the name ‘Arbroath Smokie.’

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